Natural gas refining and storage complex in Saraje Qom
All required equipment, components and parts including turbo-compressors related to (P) section of the EPCC project have been procured by NGF.

Under the runway of Imam Khomeini by members of the group before the establishment of NGF Co-90s

Karkheh water channel project by members of the group before the establishment of NGF Co-90s

Build piping structure (in Assaluyeh) year 2008AC

Condensate refinery tanks Persian Gulf Star Refinery year 2009AC

Attracted investors and contractors off Assaluyeh Feller in year 2015AC

Attract investors and contractors EPC-F Phase 3 Highway Tehran - North of present year (2017)

Sale of petroleum products in Europe and Asia present year (2017)

Sale of petrochemicals in Europe and Asia of present year (2017)

Sale and transfer of Mazut 6 to Europe year 1991AC

Development of coastal settlements in Qeshm Free Zone of year 1991AC

Import licensing fax modem for a PC for the first time in year 1991AC

The international hotel construction projects in Qeshm Free Zone year 1992-1995AC

Reconstruction of the Zabol flood-hit school year 1992

Supply Management manufacturing machinery Semnan highway Kiasar year 1992-1993

Managing Walmart developement Project through Middle East, Africa and Iran. Project duration 2017- 2020