Fields Of Activity

Nasb Gostar Folad Company States its readiness in all respects to conclude the long.mid & short term contracts to provide the requirements of all clients throughout the country.

  • Provision of major materials and equipment requested by oil,gas and petrochemical industries as well as Subsidiary
  • Participation in EPC and MC projects for supplying of goods in addition to providing technical and safety guidelines for proper utilization of the procured items and services
  • Offering services in banking. money transaction, registration of orders. custom's formalities and clearance. transportation and inspection / supervision affairs
  • Providing various types of valves required for EPC projects ordered by oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
  • Providing commercial services and sales for gas condensations.
  • Supplying various types of CS & alloy steel pipes complaying with reliable standards in oil , gas and petrochemical industries.
  • Supplying components and equipment of different types of gas turbo compressors
  • Sales of parts and equipment of different type of Siemens-fabricated compressors and the manufactures of Subsidiary
  • Providing steel coils required for local producers
  • Supplying electrical equipment and instrumentations for the clients
  • Supplaying types of catalysts required for oil & gas refineries
  • Presenting commercial , engineering and technical inspection services within the frame of MC contract
  • Execution of supervision,test and start up of communication and optic fiber systems
  • Participation in electronic pig running for oil and gas pipe line projects with respect to providing commercial, engineering and technical inspection services
  • Providing parts for major repairs of gas turbines in participation with manufacturers and permissible workshops
  • Supplying turbo compressors and equipment for injection and storage of natural gas project in saraje,Qom (related to P section of EPC CONVERTED project) through subcontracting with more than 70 local and foreign companies